Sarah Silverman: ‘Aggressively Stupid’ for Democrats to Go ‘Never Warren’

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Actress-comedian Sarah Silverman took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out social media users for trending the hashtag #NeverWarren after Tuesday’s Democrat presidential primary debate. Silverman cautioned her followers against tweeting the anti-Warren language, referring to the hashtag as “aggressively stupid” and “totally fringe.”

The hashtag #NeverWarren began trending following Tuesday night’s Democrat presidential primary debate. The hashtag was apparently spurred in reaction to what many people saw as CNN demonstrating bias against Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in favor of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), which promoted social media users to air their grievances about it on Twitter.

“The aggressively stupid and totally fringe NeverWarren hashtag is trending because of the people who are pointing out that it’s stupid,” said Sarah Silverman in response to the trending hashtag.

“Don’t let a few dummies ruin Bernie or Warren for y’all,” she added. “They are both stellar leaders and humans.”

In her tweet, Silverman also omitted the pound sign (hashtag) — likely in an attempt to prevent it from further trending, although Twitter has still been known to trend popular words or topics, even if the hashtag is missing.

Actress Kristen Johnston also chimed in on the issue, responding to Silverman’s tweet.

“The people doing this will get Trump re-elected,” said Johnston of the hashtag. “Thanks, assholes.”

During Tuesday’s Democrat debate, CNN moderator Abby Phillip asked Sanders to clarify that he never told Warren that a woman could not win the election, to which he responded, “That is correct.”

Immediately following his response, Phillip went on to ask Warren how she felt about Sanders telling her that a woman could not win the election, re-framing the premise of the argument as a fact and in favor of Warren, sparking outrage online.

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