Nolte: Woke Superman Comic Book Sales Nosedive

Warner Bros/DC Comics
Warner Bros/DC Comics

DC Comics turned Superman into a bisexual who fights climate deniers, and to the shock of no one who lives in the real world, the comic has bombed.

Bounding Into Comics reports:

Previous estimates for the book’s sales showed it was in the gutter with Comichron claiming the first book of Superman: Son of Kal-El only sold 68,800 issues back in July when it first debuted. That was good for the 17th best selling comic of the month.

The most recent data compiled by Comichron reveals that the book’s third issue only sold 34,000 copies in September. That was good for the 77th best selling comic of the month.

That 68,800 number for the first issue is even worse when you compare it to previous Superman #1 issues. When the series was rebooted when Brian Michael Bendis took over the title back in 2018, Superman #1 sold 133,700 copies.

Other Superman #1 editions sold 118,434 copies, 105,380 copies, and 118,376 copies.

Bisexual Superman (who now has a boyfriend with pink hair) has already fallen out of the top 50 comic sellers. What a humiliation, After all, this is Superman we’re talking about, the most famous superhero of all time, and DC’s woketards killed the brand so effectively it couldn’t crack the top 50.

Warner Bros/DC Comics

It should be pointed out that Bisexual Superman is not Superman-Superman. Bisexual Superman is the son of Superman-Superman and Lois Lane, but who cares? These people are out of their minds.

Well, all I can say is God bless the free market. Even as the Woke Fascists shit all over everything, at the very least, normal people can enjoy the glorious spectacle of watching all things woke fall to earth in a flaming ball of fail.

Oh, and Bisexual Superman also refuses to fight for the American way. Instead, Bisexual Superman fights for Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow — which sounds exactly like something a Bisexual Superman with a pink-haired boyfriend would fight for.

Warner Bros/DC Comics

I don’t even want to know what “Up, Up, and Away” means now.

What did these Woke Nazis think would happen?

Like movies, comics are supposed to be an escape from the real world. The bisexual stuff is bad enough, but a Superman who fights climate change and saves illegal immigrants from racist white guys?

Maybe I’m being too cynical. Maybe Bisexual Superman makes sense. I mean, when you grow up watching your old man running around in tights all day…

You want a gay superhero, create your own! This fascist, jack-booted march of Woke Imperialism against our culture is grotesque. Well, except for the 100 percent failure rate. That’s pretty entertaining.

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