Watch: Parents March on Disneyland to Protest Studio’s Woke LGBTQ+ Agenda for Children

YouTube/Sean Feucht/Screenshot
YouTube/Sean Feucht/Screenshot

Hundreds of concerned parents and activists converged on Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Wednesday evening to protest the Walt Disney Co.’s woke agenda that includes targeting children with radical gay and transgender ideology.

Their demands included a consumer boycott of Disney and an end to the left’s sexual indoctrination of young children.

The peaceful protest was organized by Hold the Line, the Christian activist group that spearheaded last week’s demonstration at Disney corporate headquarters in Burbank. On Wednesday, they were joined by members of Turning Point USA, the conservative non-profit headed by Charlie Kirk.

Hold the Line leader Sean Feucht said the group has gathered 50,000 signature for a petition demanding Disney stop trying to indoctrinate children.

Disney cast members also spoke out against the company’s political lurch to the left.

Last week, the group rallied hundreds of protestors in front of Disney corporate headquarters in Burbank.

Some of the demonstrators chanted “Boycott Disney” while a woman who identified herself as a conservative Disneyland worker spoke about the difficulty of working for the company as someone who holds conservative values.

Recently leaked internal videos show Disney leaders speaking candidly about their plans to incorporate radical LGBTQ ideology into its TV shows and movies for children. In company meetings, they spoke about embracing transgenderism and introducing more “queer” characters into Disney content.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has also vowed to continue fighting Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, saying the company will work to get the law repealed.  He has also promised to fight similar legislation in other states that would seek to protect the youngest school children from being taught sexual and gender ideology.

But the company’s hard-left turn is backfiring among ordinary Americans.

As Breitbart News reported, a recent poll found that more than 68 percent of general-election voters are less likely to do business with Disney as a result of the studio’s new commitment to woke LGBTQ activism.

The backlash isn’t just among conservatives. Among independents, 73 percent said they are less likely to do business with Disney, while more than 48 percent of Democrats said the same thing.

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