Feminist Outrage: Netflix Film ‘Blonde’ Shows Marilyn Monroe’s Aborted Children Calling Her a Murderer


Feminists are outraged over the upcoming Netflix film Blonde containing a scene where aborted babies call the late actress Marilyn Monroe a murderer.

Andrew Dominik’s Marilyn Monroe portrait Blonde — a biopic that deliberately veers far away from realism and takes great license with historical events — is under fire for depicting unborn children as more than discardable tissue, adding insult to injury in a post-Roe v. Wade America, according to one columnist.

Blonde is a horrific, tone-deaf reminder of why a female perspective should be included, or at least asked for, when writing about abortion,” wrote Samantha Bergeson in an op-ed for IndieWire, before suggesting that there should be a “trigger warning” for “a trio of CGI fetuses asking why Monroe murdered them.”

Bergeson described one Blonde abortion scene as follows:

Her first terminated pregnancy starts with Monroe [played by Ana de Armas] requesting for the studio secretary to help her “handle” her pregnancy after realizing her mother’s mental health disorder is genetic. Monroe has wanted nothing more than to be a parent, but with fears of her own abusive mother, she makes the tough decision to terminate her pregnancy, complete with a funeral procession of wearing black Ray-Ban sunglasses and being driven off in a Hearst-like limo. It’s in that very car in which Monroe has second thoughts, sees a literal stop sign, and decides she wants to keep the baby instead. Yet the driver doesn’t turn around or even flinch when she starts screaming. Her screams echo through the halls of a hospital as her feet are forced onto stirrups, and the camera follows a DNC [dilation and curettage] tube gliding through her vaginal walls.

“This type of abortion sequence does not happen once, but twice,” Bergeson added.

It is years later, when Monroe is implied to have been impregnated by the philandering president John F. Kennedy. His goons kidnap and drug Monroe in the middle of the night; she is convinced the procedure is a horrible dream, but as she wakes up covered in blood smeared all over her abdomen, it’s clear the nightmare is only just beginning.

A third unborn child, the IndieWire writer added, confronted Monroe in the film while she was gardening to ask if she would “do the same” to it as she did to the others, moments before the Some Like it Hot star has a miscarriage.

While various biographies have alleged the Hollywood star procured abortions, none have been verified via medical records.

Bergeson concludes by claiming that “Blonde shows us that Monroe’s body is not her own,” before bizarrely claiming that similarly to Monroe, “all women’s bodies are now at the mercy of the United States,” because the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade.

The reaction to Blonde is yet another example of left-wing activists having a public meltdown over the Supreme Court’s recent life-saving decision, in which the Court held in the Dobbs case that the Constitution does not include a right to abortion and returned the fight over abortion laws to state legislatures.

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