‘Deconstructing Karen’ Documentary Shows White Women Admitting Their ‘Complicity in White Supremacy’


The new documentary Deconstructing Karen invites a group of white women to a fancy dinner party where the menu consists primarily of racial guilt tripping and white shaming. Over several courses and many glasses of wine, the guests — AWFLs and conservative women alike — will be forced acknowledge what the movie calls their “complicity in white supremacy.”

Acting as hosts are social media personality Saira Rao — who recently tweeted “If you are a Republican, you are a Nazi” — and another race activist named Regina Jackson, who together attempt to educate their dinner guests about systemic racism, white privilege, and the limits of white feminism.

Deconstructing Karen doesn’t appear to have a U.S. distributor, though Canada’s CBC  has made it available for streaming and the documentary screened earlier this year at Geena Davis’ feminist Bentonville Film Festival. Clips from the documentary are already garnering attention, including one in which the guests are asked if they would trade places with a black person.

In another clip, Saira Rao reprimands the guests for acting shocked at her story about her black Lyft driver.

“When people of color trust you enough to tell you their story, believe us without expressing shock because when you express shock, it pushes you away from the blame,” she says.

Regina Jackson bluntly sums up her attitude toward white people.  “I expect nothing of you because you have never given me anything,” she says. “I can’t trust you.”

Earlier this month, Saira Rao tweeted her belief that all Republicans are Nazis. She was referring to a photo from a recent Trump rally.

As Breitbart News reported, Rao lost her bid for Congress in 2018, earning just 31 percent of the Democrat primary vote. Upon losing, she said she has “given up on white people.”

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