structural racism

Boston Researchers: Universal Masking in Schools Can Counter ‘Structural Racism’

Universal masking may be “an important tool for mitigating the effects of structural racism in schools,” according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) claiming the coronavirus pandemic deepened “educational inequities,” disproportionately affecting groups who are “vulnerable by historical and contemporary systems of oppression, including structural racism and settler colonialism.”

Students mask up

‘Deconstructing Karen’ Documentary Shows White Women Admitting Their ‘Complicity in White Supremacy’

The new documentary Deconstructing Karen invites a group of white women to a fancy dinner party where the menu consists primarily of racial guilt tripping and white shaming. Over several courses and many glasses of wine, the guests — AWFLs and conservative women alike — will be forced acknowledge what the movie calls their “complicity in white supremacy.”


Far-Left Nation on July 4: ‘Founders of Our Nation Were Colonizers,’ ‘American Exceptionalism Grounded in Racism’

An essay published in the Nation on Friday accuses Americans celebrating independence of failing to “reckon with the fact that the founders of our nation were colonizers,” with American “exceptionalism” and foreign policy being “grounded in racism,” adding that issues such as climate change and “racist policing” are the “greatest existential threats” while global terrorism and threats from China, Russia, and Iran, are merely “imagined threats.”

Fireworks explode over the National Mall as the US Capitol (R) and National Monument are s