Jason Aldean: ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Is the Spirit of Boston’s Response to the Marathon Bombers – ‘A Big Ass Town Coming Together’

Jason Aldean performs onstage at Country Thunder Wisconsin - Day 3 on July 22, 2023 in Twi
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Country music star Jason Aldean told concertgoers in Boston on Saturday night that they know what he was talking about in his song, “Try That in a Small Town,” because they have experienced the type of unity that rises up after a violent crime in their response to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

“The message that we wanted to get out there has been completely overshadowed by all the bullshit,” Aldean said of his song, “Try That in a Small Town,” while on stage at the Mansfield Xfinity Center in Boston on Saturday night, according to a report by TMZ.

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“I was laying in bed last night, and I was thinking to myself, you guys would get this better than anybody, right?” Aldean added, which elicited boisterous cheers from Boston residents, who in 2013 stood up to defend their city with the mantra, “Boston Strong.”

“Because I remember a time — I think it was April of 2013 — when the Boston Marathon bombing happened,” the country star continued. “What I saw when that happened was a whole, not a small town, a big ass town coming together, no matter the color, no matter anything.”

“The whole country, especially Boston, came together to find those two jerks that did that,” Aldean said.

He went on to declare that “any of you guys that would’ve found those guys before the cops did, I know you guys from Boston, and you guys would’ve beat the shit out of that dude.”

“This is not about race, it’s about people getting their shit together and acting right, and acting like they’ve got some common sense,” Aldean said of “Try That in a Small Town.”

“You’re hearing it from the person that made the record,” he pointed out. “Everybody’s trying to tell me what I meant. ‘He meant this, he meant that.’ They don’t know what I meant. What I meant was exactly what I just told you.”

Aldean concluded by proclaiming, “I don’t give a shit what color you are. If you’re acting out, burning down buildings, costing taxpayers all this money, just for you to go and show that you’re pissed off, to me, I just don’t get that. We are just never going to see eye-to-eye on that.”

The singer was addressing attacks he has been facing over the music video for his song, which blasts riots and rising lawlessness in the United States. A woke mob of left-wing activists has accused the country star of writing a “pro-lynching song.”

He responded to the smears by slamming his critics, calling their attacks “meritless and dangerous.”

After that, Aldean told concertgoers in Ohio that the criticism of his anti-crime anthem is “bullshit,” and reiterated his support for America and his desire to see the country return to the way it once was, before cancel culture and woke insanity took a stranglehold over society.

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