Kyle Marisa Roth, TikTok Star Known for Celebrity Gossip, Dies at 36

Kyle Marisa Roth, whose death was announced on Monday, April 15. PHOTO: KYLE MARISA ROTH/I

Widely followed TikTok personality Kyle Marisa Roth, known for her hot takes on celebrity gossip, has died. She was 36.

In an Instagram announcement Tuesday, Roth’s sister Lindsay shared with fans the TikTokker died from unknown causes, the Independent reports.

“As a family we are still processing and deciding how to properly celebrate and honor her life,” Lindsay wrote. “We don’t know [what] happened yet.”

“So many people with her humor, intelligence, beauty, gossip activism, athleticism and more,” she continued. “She had so many gifts. if anyone wants to connect about Kyle, I’m here to talk and share memories.”

Fans were promised updates will come on “any memorials as they are planned” before stressing her heart went out to anyone who loved the content Kyle made.

She wrote, “I am so sorry to those learning about this loss right now. Any prayers thoughts blessings or intentions for this souls smooth transition are welcomed.”


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The Independent report notes Kyle garnered over 170,000 followers dissecting current events in pop culture and unpacking celebrity gossip.

She made a name for herself sharing her unvarnished opinions on celebrities and controversial Hollywood “blind items” often teased with the catchphrase, “You want more? I’ll give you more”

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