VIDEO: NJ Woman Claims She Won $2M on Slot Machine, but Casino Refuses to Pay

A woman from New Jersey who claims she won over $2 million while playing an Atlantic City slot machine in February may not get her winnings.

When 72-year-old Toney Beal was playing a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at Bally’s Casino, she said she won and moved to collect the money, the New York Post reported Saturday.

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However, she said the casino pointed to an alleged technical glitch while also claiming the win did not count. Therefore, the business will not fork over the money. Beal told the Post, “What’s the use in playing then?”

The day the incident happened, Beal had lost $1,000 on other machines, so she spun the Wheel of Fortune machine several times and claims she hit the jackpot.

At the time, “I was hoping for $1,000, saying, ‘Please God let me win,'” Beal told ABC 6.

After she spun, Beal claims she heard the words “You’ve won” before gold coins popped out and a blue light came on. However, when she pressed the call button for help, she reportedly saw a tilt message that indicated there had been some kind of error during her session.

Eventually, a staff member allegedly told her she was not a winner then asked her to leave the business.

“Beal’s attorney, Mike Di Croce, said he is preparing a legal complaint against Bally’s and its gaming company, International Game Technology (IGT), for $2.56 million because she hit a $1.28 million jackpot with a multiplier,” the Post article said, adding he is also planning to file a $1 million emotional distress claim.

Beal has said she wants the money so she can help people in her life. One of those people is her homeless son for whom she would like to buy a trailer.

In April, a software problem in Star Casino’s ticket redemption machines saw a Sydney, Australia, casino inadvertently giving away over AU $3.2 million to gamblers, according to Breitbart News.

“Casino manager Nicholas Weeks testified that the casino’s ‘ticket in, cash out’ (TICO) machines, which are used by patrons to redeem barcoded receipts for slot machine winnings, had a defect that allowed customers to insert two tickets and receive the aggregate amount in cash,” the outlet said.

“However, the glitch also returned one of the tickets, effectively allowing it to be reused for additional payouts,” the article continued.

Another legal issue involving a casino happened in 2019 when a jury awarded $3 million to a woman who tripped and fell on a collapsed “wet floor” sign at a casino in Cincinnati, Ohio, according to Breitbart News.


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