‘To Catch a Predator’ Host Chris Hansen: Harsh Sentences, Psychotherapy Better than Chemical Castration for Sex Predators

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Chris Hansen, host of To Catch a Predator, says he opposes chemical castration for sexual predators, saying her would prefer that those arrested for sexual abuse receive “therapy” instead.

The TV host spoke to TMZ about his concerns over a recent bill passed in Louisiana that would give judges the ability to sentence sex offenders to medical castration.

Hansen noted that he has taken down a lot of predators but he feels that not every predator can be removed as a societal ill with castration.

Furthermore, he isn’t even sure that castration will pass scrutiny on the courts.

The TV host, who has no law degree or training, says that he thinks that a better policy might be harsher prison sentences and a regime of psychotherapy.

In fact, he thinks that many of the predators he has encountered in his TV shows acted out because they could not get therapy.

“I get, people reach out to me on my podcast, predators I’ve caught, saying that they have an attraction to kids but they don’t act on it because they are able to get therapy for this,” he told TMZ. “They know it’s wrong to act upon this, but because of their therapy, because of their determination not to offend, they don’t.”

He also went on to question whether probation and registration as a sex offender is enough to deter future crimes. He did not seem too sure it was, but did not speculate farther.

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