Watch: Former ‘Bachelorette’ Star Josh Seiter Shrieks over Men Refusing to Pay for First Date Meals


Former Bachelorette star Josh Seiter took to social media while dressed in women’s clothing to rant about his male date not paying for his meal, ironically saying, “I feel like the man should pay for the first date,” before even more ironically adding, “I feel like everyone’s trying to get something for free these days.”

“I just wanted to vent a little bit,” Seiter began in his video. “I feel like dates can be so cheap. The last couple of dates that I’ve gone on, I’ve expected the guy to pay, because I feel like the man should pay for the first date, and they just don’t want to.”

Watch Below:

“So I just had a date earlier this afternoon, and I sat there when the bill came, and finally, I just said, ‘The guy should pay first’ and kind of pushed [the bill] towards him, and he said, ‘Well, in that case, you should pay.’ And I just thought, ‘That is so rude,'” Seiter continued.

“I just don’t understand what the issue is,” the ex-Bachelorette star lamented. “I feel like everyone’s trying to get something for free these days.”

Seiter concluded his video, saying, “I don’t understand. I just want to go on a date and have the man be a gentleman, and treat me right, treat me like a woman. So if any of you are having the same experience, let me know.”

The video was shared by the popular conservative X account, Libs of TikTok, with social media users taking to the comment section to slam the former Bachelorette star.

“This is NOT a woman!!” one X user exclaimed. “Putting lipstick on a pig – still a pig!”

“This dude is batshit crazy,” another reacted.

“Is he smearing gay men as cheap?” a third quipped.

Another stated, “I genuinely wish the best of luck to young people dating in today’s culture – I honestly have no idea how you’re going to navigate this mess,” while another simply wrote, “Cringe.”

Other social media users believed the video too bizarre not to be a parody and questioned whether Seiter was being serious.

“I can’t tell if this is a joke or if this person is serious,” one X user reacted.

“That has to be parody. Right? He can’t be serious. Please. Someone tell me he’s not serious. Anyone?!?” another wrote.

“This has to be a joke. This cannot be for real. Right?” another asked.

“Is this one, giant, satirical, performance art piece to mock and ridicule the Tr*ns movement?” another inquired.

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