O’Keefe Disney Exposé: Exec Says ‘Bob Iger Isn’t Axing LGBTQ Content at All,’ Drag Queens Inevitable at Parks

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 27: (L to R) Mickey Mouse and chief executive officer and chairman
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A new video from right-leaning reporter James O’Keefe appears to show a Disney executive saying he wants more LGBTQ content for kids and would like to see drag queens at Disneyland one day.

Released Wednesday as part of an ongoing series, the video featured an undercover operative with O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) secretly recording Disney Creative Marketing Director Amit “Genie” Gurnani, an active drag queen. In the video, Gurnani appears to say that he would want more LGBTQ content for children and would want drag queens at Disneyland.

“I despise those kinds of people that want to accuse Disney of grooming children. But I also want children to see LGBTQ content. Don’t you agree?” the reporter asked.

“Yeah, of course. That’s the unspoken thing,” Gurnani apparently responded.

Later, the reporter asked, “Am I going to see a drag queen at Disneyland? Do you want to do that? Get a drag queen at Disneyland?”
“Oh I’d love to,” Gurnani appeared to say. “I”m sure that will happen at some point.”

Gurnani also appeared to debunk Disney CEO Bob Iger’s claim that the company will be rolling back LGBTQ content.

“Bob Iger is not axing LGBTQ content at all,” he appeared to say.

As Breitbart News reported, another hidden camera video from OMG appeared to show Disney TV executive identified as Michael Giordano saying that the studio will explicitly exclude white males as part of its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda.

“Certainly there have been times when you know, there’s no way we’re hiring a white male for this,” he said.

The interviewer asked if this would be an unspoken rule, but Giordano replied, “There are times when it’s spoken.”

Breitbart News also reported that “Disney is facing a federal civil rights complaint alleging the company’s DEI policies are unlawful and discriminate against white American men, Christians, and Jews. America First Legal filed the complaint against Disney in February.”


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