Sniper Fire In Ukraine Dashes Hopes Of 'Truce'

Sniper Fire In Ukraine Dashes Hopes Of 'Truce'

Officials have been evacuated from Ukraine’s main government building close to clashes in the heart of Kiev that AFP reporters said left at least 17 protesters dead with apparent gun shot wounds.

“This morning, all cabinet employees were evacuated from the building. These were official orders,” a spokeswoman for the Ukrainian government told AFP.

Reports are also emerging of “professional” sniper fire targeting both police and protestors. While the Voice of Russia Radio station claims that protestors are using live ammunition to snipe at police, the Telegraph reports the contrary:

‘[One demonstrator] blamed a “professional” government sniper, citing the accuracy of the shots, most of which were aimed at the head. The government has insisted that its forces have been acting with restraint.’

Protestors have used Molotov cocktails, rocks and whatever they can get their hands on to stave off police at their numerous barricades. Government forces are reported to have used rubber bullets and live ammunition in the clashes that have rocked the Maidan Square in Ukraine over the past 48 hours.

Late last night there were reports of a ‘truce’ offered by President Yanukovich, which haven’t seemed to come to fruition. Protestors will not be satisfied until Yanukovich and his government resign and fresh elections are called. 

AFP contributed to this report