Egypt Tells Hamas: Smuggling Tunnels Will Close for Good

Egypt Tells Hamas: Smuggling Tunnels Will Close for Good

Egyptian security forces have informed the terrorist outfit Hamas that the country will soon be closing off the smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt permanently.

Israel Radio’s story states that the tunnels which allow for weapons and construction materials to pass into the Hamas-run Palestinian territory will be shut following a campaign by the Egyptian caretaker government to create a “buffer zone” between Egypt and Gaza.

The response may also be due to Hamas’ ongoing support for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is affiliated to Hamas, and was recently ousted from power in Egypt.

The Times of Israel reports:

“Egypt is primarily concerned with eradicating local jihadist cells in the el-Arish area, but believes that Hamas, across the border, has provided Egyptian radicals with logistical aid and training.

“It has therefore been engaged in systematically destroying smuggling tunnels between Sinai and Gaza, which it considers a significant conduit of illegal arms.

“The tunnels have also been an invaluable source of revenue for Hamas, which has taxed all manner of goods that arrived through them into the blockaded Strip.”