Labour Party Official Suspended After Secretly Filming Men Urinating

Labour Party Official Suspended After Secretly Filming Men Urinating

A Labour Party secretary in the London Borough of Croydon has been suspended after secretly filming men urinating in the toilets at the Centrale shopping centre.

David Christison, who was ward secretary for West Thornton and a former council candidate, admitted videoing and photographing men at least 30 times for sexual gratification between 2010 and 2013. reports that Christison was caught after a member of the public reported him behaving suspiciously to a security guard at Centrale. Staff at the shopping centre called the police, who found a video on his phone of a man urinating.

Officers then searched Christison’s home and found laptops with 29 similar videos dating back to 2011.

He is due to be sentenced on 20 March, and has been granted bail on the condition he does not return to Centrale’s public toilets.

Christison is a former Labour candidate for Croydon Borough Council. He made headlines when he took the council to court in 2010 after losing his election. He complained of long queues at a polling station, leaving people unable to vote. He gave up on this case due to lack of funds.

He applied to become a council candidate again this year, but did not make the party’s preliminary list. It is understood that he did not declare the ongoing criminal proceedings against him in his application. 

Christison has also sat on the West Thornton’s Community First funding panel since 2012. The panel recommends bids for government funding from local not-for-profit groups.