Extremist Muslims Try To Be Headteacher at 25 Birmingham Schools

Extremist Muslims Try To Be Headteacher at 25 Birmingham Schools

The investigation into a plot by radical Muslims to take over schools has been extended to 25 institutions across the City of Birmingham. Last month Breitbart London reported that a probe had begun into whether jihadis had tried to sack the headteacher of one school and replace them with a radical Muslim. Today’s Daily Mail reports the investigation is now much wider.

Whilst Birmingham City Council will not name which schools are involved, it is clear from the average size of schools in the City that many thousands of children may be affected. This would include a huge number of Christian children.

Yesterday the number of schools under investigation rose to 15, and today it has risen again to 25. It is unclear whether this number will increase further, or how successful the jihadis were at infiltrating the schools concerned.

The Education Secretary Michael Gove, has also reacted by insisting that any school should be automatically failed by OFSTED in cases “where religious conservatism is getting in the way of learning and a balanced curriculum”. 

In response to nearly 200 complaints about the plot, Birmingham City Council has appointed a former headteacher, Ian Kershaw, as their chief advisor on the subject. The plot has been called the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot, as jihadis had tried to get onto school governing bodies so they could remove the headteacher and replace them with a radical.

Investigators found an unsigned and undated letter claiming that a radical group of Muslims was attempting to force out moderate governors and teachers. The letter sent shock waves through the British education system, and has pushed Birmingham City Council into taking decisive action.

Khalid Mahmood MP, who represents Birmingham Perry Barr, said that the council has known about plot claims for “eight years at least” but had not acted for fear of “appearing anti-Muslim”. 

Birmingham City Council has been in trouble before for pandering to radicals, in 1998 it rebranded Christmas as ‘Winterval’ in order to avoid offending the city’s Muslim community. It only backed down when there was a chorus of criticism from the public and the media.