UKIP Grassroots Most Confident About Election Win

UKIP Grassroots Most Confident About Election Win

Grassroots UKIP members were the most confident that they will do well at the next election, with net confidence rating of 95.3 percent, with the Greens coming in second with 87 percent. Labour came in third at 81.5 percent.

The poll conducted by the Local Government Chronicle showed the Conservative Councillors had a net confidence of just 3.3 percent, far behind the other three. The Liberal Democrats dipped below zero with -14.8 percent.

Local Councillors from various parties were also asked to score their party’s chances of winning the 2015 general election on a scale of 1 to 10. The average for the Conservatives was 5.9 percent, whilst it was 6.6 percent for Labour. Conservative were also the most likely to be dissatisfied with their Leadership.

The group were then asked “How happy are you with your party’s national leadership performance since 2010?” the results were calculated by subtracted ‘unhappy’ from ‘happy’. This gave the Greens 93.8 percent, UKIP 90.8, Labour 39.1, Conservatives 33.4 and the Liberal Democrats 26.8.

The figures confirm what many had suspected, that morale in UKIP and the Greens is very high. Both have made gains in recent years, although the UKIP gains are much more significant.

Labour and the Conservatives have lost significant support to UKIP and some other smaller party’s but still have a good overall poll showing. The Liberal Democrats on the other hand have crashed in the polls due to the coalition and have little to be cheery about.

Holding the European Elections on the same day as the Locals is also likely to benefit UKIP and the Green as both do much better at the Euros.  

They LGC surveyed around 1500 local councillors, but the figures may have been affected because of the relatively small number of responses from UKIP and the Greens. Despite the hype around both parties they have far less political representation than the established political parties.

At the last elections the Conservatives held over 8500 seats, Labour held 6800 whereas UKIP had 217.