Most British Firms Oppose Scottish Independence

Most British Firms Oppose Scottish Independence

Eighty-five percent of companies oppose Scottish independence, according to a survey by the British Chamber of Commerce. Only 11 percent of firms supported independence.

Over 2400 companies responded to the poll, which looked at the risks and opportunities to business presented by the prospect of an independent Scotland.

Half believe that Scotland’s relationship with the UK should remain the same if they vote no in September. A quarter believed that the Scottish Parliament should have more power.

In a further indictment of the plan for independence 63 percent say there will be no new opportunities would arise for their businesses if Scotland votes for independence. Also 91 percent say they the potential for independence has not made an impact on business decisions.

John Longworth, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “Business opinion across the United Kingdom on the Scottish independence debate is far from unanimous. That’s only logical, as businesses have different interests, and different views on our complex history of economic and political union.

“Businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland remain less than captivated by the intense debate unfolding north of the border. Yet they do have views on the potential impacts of a change in Scotland’s relationship with the rest of the UK.

“In the event of a ‘yes’ vote, cross-border trading and currency arrangements loom large in businesses’ thinking. If Scotland votes ‘no’, constitutional questions remain around the devolution of power and the distribution of public funding between nations.

“Business communities across the UK have diverse views on the Scottish independence debate. Yet one thing is for certain. Regardless of how Scotland votes in September, things will never be quite the same again.”

Whilst this report is a blow to Scottish independence, but it is not entirely out of kilter with the public more generally. A majority of Scots are still opposed to independence and as reported on Brietbart London the university mock election is strongly pro-union.