Europhile Party Broadcasts 'All White' Advert, 'Racist' Charge Still Levelled at UKIP

Europhile Party Broadcasts 'All White' Advert, 'Racist' Charge Still Levelled at UKIP

The European Parliament’s largest political party is facing questions about why its election advert has only white people on it. The advert featured on the website of the European People’s Party’s (EPP) UK affiliate The 4 Freedoms Party, which is fielding a full slate in the London region.

The EPP is the centre-right political party at the European Parliament. The Conservative Party used to be a member but pulled out because it was much more pro-European than David Cameron’s party. Members of the EPP often accuse British supporters of both UKIP and the Conservatives of being xenophobic, but this advert appears to suggest a degree of hypocrisy.

As previously reported on Breitbart London, the rest of Europe is being treated to a Presidential election that is not taking place in Britain. This is because Labour have asked the leader of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats not to campaign here as his anti-British views would damage Labour’s chances.

Also the EPP are no longer backed by a major political party in Britain, at one stage it looked like they’d be unable to field any candidates at all. But some Conservative defectors have saved them by running a low profile slate in London. 

A UKIP source told Breitbart London: “I don’t think anyone really cares who appears on the EPP advert, after-all we are not politically correct. But it is annoying to be constantly accused of racism by a party that can’t even find one non-white to appear on their advert.

“Its pretty laughable really.”

Despite setbacks in Britain the EPP are still likely to win the election overall. This means that their President Jean-Claude Juncker will be put forward to be President of the European Commission. However, he may not get the role as a number of European heads of government, including David Cameron, are unhappy that this new system of selecting the Commission boss has been forced upon them.

Officially the heads of government can choose whoever they want as long as they take account of the result of the European election.