Former German Chancellor Calls for 'Putsch' in EU Parliament

Former German Chancellor Calls for 'Putsch' in EU Parliament

A former German chancellor has said the European Parliament should launch “a putsch” against the European Union executive which is showing signs of “megalomania.”

In an interview with the German newspaper Bild, Helmut Schmidt, who was social democrat Chancellor of West Germany from 1974 to 1982, railed against Brussels officials and bureaucrats and said the parliament should make a move to take control from the European Commission.

The 95-year old Schmidt said most commissioners “understand very little” of world politics. He said that the latest example is the attempt by the commission to annex Ukraine, and also to try to draw in Georgia. He said: “Just a reminder: Georgia lies outside of Europe. This is megalomania; we have no business being there.”

He claimed that the Ukraine standoff recalls the lead-up to World War I and blamed the delusions of EU bureaucrats for sparking the crisis. He claimed that the officials and bureaucrats in Brussels “are confronting Ukraine with the apparent choice of having to choose between West and East.” 

“I think very little of talking up the threat of World War III, and especially of demands for more money to arm NATO. But the danger that the situation gets ever more tense, as it did in August 1914, is growing day by day. The situation seems to me increasingly comparable.”