British Jihadist Calls For Prime Minister To Be Beheaded

British Jihadist Calls For Prime Minister To Be Beheaded

The British jihadist who calls himself Abu Rashash Britani, has called for the beheading of the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary in a violent twitter rant. The man, who is currently believed to be fighting for ISIS in either Iraq or Syria has already threatened to bring terror back to the UK.

The Daily Express reports that he wrote on Twitter: “I think when we establish khilafah (a Muslim state), a battalion of mujahadeen shud head to UK and capture davidcameron & theresamay n behead them both.”

The account has since been removed but not before it was seen by large numbers of British nationals, some of whom may be persuaded to act on Britani’s call to arms. He is one of a number of militants that Breitbart London reported were using social media to radicalise British national.

They use sites like to help young Muslims travel to Syria to assist with the fighting. Their posts contain all manner of information from how much clothes to pack all the way to have to smuggle yourself across the border with Turkey.  

Britani is now a social media regular and is likely to create a new twitter account and continue posting. In the past his messages have also included calls for his “brothers” to take to the streets and kill in revenge for the killing of a female Muslim student in Essex this week. His call from revenge came despite it being unclear whether the murder was racially or religiously motivated.

A Home Office spokesman said: “We do not tolerate the existence of online terrorist and extremist propaganda.”

Last night Baroness Neville-Jones, 74, former chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, repeated the warning saying: “There are many potential threats to the security of the UK but this is the most serious to our homeland.”

The problem the authorities have is that social media is so fast paced, and easy to access that it is almost impossible to stop extremists exchanging information. However the one advantage counter terrorism bodies have is that they are able to find out who is accessing this information giving them a list of those who may be susceptible to radicalisation.

The news of this latest attack on the West comes after the British security service MI5 pledged to beef up in monitoring of social media in an effort to quell extremism. The government believes that the radicalisation of Muslims in Syria is the biggest threat to national security in decades.

There are believed to be around 400 – 500 British nationals fighting for ISIS, with others having been banned from leaving the UK to stop them getting training.


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