VIDEO: The EU's Militaristic 'Nationalism' on Display in Strasbourg

VIDEO: The EU's Militaristic 'Nationalism' on Display in Strasbourg

In a grotesque parody of a ceremony of a nation state, yesterday the European Parliament opened the new session of the assembly with a flag-raising carried out by soldiers of the Eurocorps – sometimes known as the Eurokorps – a 1,000-strong embryo EU army.

Eight soldiers marched carrying a giant EU flag, which was raised to a military salute. A military band played what the EU elite want people to believe is “Europe’s national anthem,” but which in fact has no legal standing as an anthem and is merely a theme tune borrowed from Beethoven’s 9th symphony.

Once it was raised, the EU flag stood at the front of and dwarfed the smaller flags of the 28 member states.

For the moment the Eurocorps is an “intergovernmental” force with soldiers from the five Eurocorps Framework Nations, all of whom are EU members, and four Associate members, three of which are EU member states plus Turkey. The UK is not a member, but it has send liaison officers to Eurocorps headquarters in Strasbourg, where the European Parliament has its official seat.



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