British Jihadist Threatens Beheadings In Trafalgar Square

British Jihadist Threatens Beheadings In Trafalgar Square

A British extremist has taken to twitter to say an Islamic State would capture Downing Street and hold executions in Trafalgar Square. Abu Dugam al-Britani, has issued a series of chilling warnings of a “holy war” in Britain, according to the Daily Mirror.

Al-Britani is believed to be fighting for ISIS in Syria, and it is thought his real name is Abu Rahin Aziz, an Islamist extremist with a history of violence. He is thought to have fled Britain as he faced trial for beating up a football fan on Oxford Street in central London. In his absence he was found guilty of affray, and jailed for 36 weeks.

The father-of-one, who claims to be fighting for Isis, used Twitter to warn that the Prime Minister’s official residence will become the centre of a British Islamic state. He said: “Downing Street will be a base for Muslims. Trafalgar Square is where public executions will take place. Army of Islamic State is coming.”

Al-Britani bragged that extremists would “conquer” the White House in Washington DC, and demanded the release of “Muslim brothers and sisters” currently in prison in Britain. He tweeted a warning for America not to become involved in the fight for Iraq saying: “USA your interference will trigger many more 9/11 twin towers attacks and your brave boys returned in body bags.”

He also said that David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May would be “annihilated” because they were “filthy dogs”.

His comments came just a few weeks after Breitbart London reported that British security services are stepping up monitoring of social media to limit its use by Islamic fundamentalists. 

ISIS fighters are using the full range of Western owned social media to get their message out, leading to serious concerns that they are able to radicalise young people all over the world. Al-Britani himself ran jihadist websites in Britain, and was involved the 2010 Armistice Day burning of poppies. 

Radical Muslims heading to Syria are now described as the biggest threat facing UK national security. Whilst official figures say that 400 British militants are fighting for ISIS, one Labour MP suggested the true figure was more likely to be over 1,500.

These fighters are expected to return to Britain with new skills and experience in weapons. They are likely to want to use their experience in terrorism on British streets.

Trafalgar Square is considered the most important public space in London. It is home to Nelson’s Column, which celebrates the victory of the Admiral The Lord Nelson over French and Spanish naval forces at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

It is also home to the National Gallery along with a number of High Commissions of former British colonies, including Canada and South Africa.


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