British Boy Brought Up In ISIS Warzone, Mother Encourages More Brits Into Jihad

British Boy Brought Up In ISIS Warzone, Mother Encourages More Brits Into Jihad

A boy was paraded on twitter to advertise jihad by a woman who claims to be his British mother, meaning that he too is a British national. The child, thought to be about four years old, was pictured with an assault rifle as part of a series of tweets to encourage more British women to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

The mother, who uses the names Umm Isa and Muhajirah fi Sham, is married to the ISIS fighter Abdur Rahman, from Sweden, according to the Daily Star. She took to twitter saying: “Wer r all da sisters dat want 2 join us in Sham nd marry nd support a mujahid?”

In a further tweet that has now been taken down she posted the picture of the young boy saying: “Look at my little mujahid this kid is the funniest man love him to (sic) much”. She refers to the boy as Isa, which is the Arabic version of the name Jesus, and claims he has a younger brother that she calls “mini mujahid” or holy warrior.

She is widely believed to be a former student of film, media, psychology and sociology. It is thought that she converted to Islam and began attending a Mosque in South London. If she is British and is indeed married to a Swedish radical, then the two children would have the right to reside anywhere in the European Union if they make it out of the warzone alive.

Whilst ISIS is not beneath fabricating claims to encourage more British nationals to join their jihad, the sheer number of people now saying they are from Western Europe makes it improbable that all are lying. Also, as previously reported on Breitbart London, the security services now admit that there are at least 400 – 500 British nationals fighting in Syria and Iraq. 

To add to the woes of the British authorities, a well-placed Muslim MP has warned that the figure is much higher, at least 1500. Khalid Mahmood believes that young people in cities like Birmingham are being attracted to jihad by pop-up restaurants and social media recruitment campaigns. 

This raises the possibility of large numbers of highly trained veteran terrorists returning to the United Kingdom at some point in the future and continuing their fight here. This was described by David Cameron as the “biggest national security threat to the United Kingdom in decades”. 

One fighter in Syria who calls himself Abu Dugam al-Britani has promised to return to the UK to fight a holy war. As we reported some weeks ago, he is encouraging fellow radicals to take over Downing Street and hold mass beheadings in Trafalgar Square. The square itself is a reminder of by-gone British military might, and the defeat of Spanish and French navies during the Napoleonic War in 1805. 

Whilst the authorities are trying to catch jihadis returning to the UK they can be hard to track as they use false papers abroad and lie about where they have travelled to.

The British government has upped its intelligence budget and asked the security services to monitor social media more closely in a desperate effort to quell the problem of home grown jihadis. They fear a repeat of the so-called 7/7 attacks, in which a group of British born suicide bombers attacked the London transport network in 2005. 

A total of 52 people were killed, along with the four suicide bombers and around 700 more where injured, many of them seriously. Earlier this month, on the eve of the ninth anniversary of the attacks, the memorial to the victims was vandalised by radical Muslims.


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