Facebook Says 'Death To Jews' Group Falls Within Community Standards

Facebook Says 'Death To Jews' Group Falls Within Community Standards

Social networking website Facebook has stated that a group created by anti-Semitic users entitled, “Death to zionst [sic] baby killer israeli jews” falls within its Community Standards guidelines, despite inciting hatred and violence against a particular race.

Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner originally reported the news, stating: “A Facebook page calling for the death of Israeli Jews does not violate the social network’s “community standards,” according to multiple messages sent by Facebook in response to user complaints.”

Breitbart London can also confirm that a number of other Facebook groups, including “Death to Muslims” and “Death to radical baby killer Iraqi Muslims” continue to exist, though it is unclear whether or not these have been complained about to Facebook.

Meanwhile, though Klein first reported on the issue just over an hour ago, the page is no longer searchable on Facebook.

The company’s original response to complaints was as follows: 

“We reviewed your report of Death to zionst baby killer israeli jews. Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the Page you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

UPDATE: Contrary to Facebook’s original response, the page now seems to have been removed.


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