Manchester Twin Wants to be a Doctor for Islamic State

Manchester Twin Wants to be a Doctor for Islamic State

Salma and Zahra Halane, the 16-year-old twins who left Manchester, England in July to join the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) in Syria now claim that one of them wants to be a doctor for the terrorist group. 

One of the twins produced a series of zealous tweets, possibly to mock those who praised the 28 GCSE qualifications the twins accomplished between them before leaving for Syria.

From The Sun:

One says “Training to be doctors to Training to be killers” and “I will become a doctor for Isis not for these pagans”.

Another post suggests they are in Isis stronghold Raqqa — where 50 Syrian soldiers were executed last week.

It said: “May Allah make the whole of Syria follow Sharia law just like Raqqa.”

The Daily Mail said that the accounts were checked: “and they are thought to be genuine.” No outlets have so far published the Twitter handles. A search of their names reveals two accounts with no tweets.

On July 25th, the girls revealed they married ISIS fighters. They were delighted to see AK-47s, grenades, and weapon belts and claimed that when their husbands are out of the house, other “sisters” come over to read the Quran. 

Officials believe the girls were with female British national Umm Khattab in Manbij

Yilmaz, a Dutch national in Islamic State, said he taught young girls to fight, but did not specifically mention Salma and Zahra. 

The twins left their house in the middle of the night in July. Officials believe the girls went to Turkey and crossed into Syria to join a 21-year-old brother. 

Britain revoked Ahmed Halane’s passport last month, a year after the man left to supposedly join “White Widow” Samantha Lewthwaite in Somalia and join al-Shabaab. But others said he left to join IS, which formed in Syria in March 2013 after al-Qaeda broke down in the war-torn country.


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