'Filthy', Illegal Immigrant Camp In Calais To Be Closed

'Filthy', Illegal Immigrant Camp In Calais To Be Closed

A senior official in Calais has confirmed that it will start demolishing the filthy makeshift camp that is home to as many as 2000 illegal immigrants bound for Britain. Numbers at the ‘Jungle 2’ camp have swollen in recent months, leading to staff at the UK Border Force admitting they are unable to cope.

Deputy Mayor Philippe Mignonet, who is in-charge of immigration told the Daily Express: “The camp will be dismantled. All depends on the Home Office minister to give the instructions to do so.”

He pointed out that working as virtual slaves on the UK illegal labour market can appear lucrative to the immigrants. Mignonet said: “They might leave with three pounds but when they arrive in England they can make £50 a week on the black market. England is too attractive, it’s too easy.”

Another problem faced by authorities on both sides of the Channel is that London is home to almost every community in the world. This can make settling into a new life in Europe much easier in London than elsewhere. 

Every night they try to board lorries, or scale the fences protecting the Channel Tunnel. Whilst their attempts to enter the UK are fairly unsophisticated they outnumber the French Police by 285 to one, making it almost impossible to stop them. They return night after night until they make it through to the UK, there is no punishment for those caught attempting to cross the border.

The problems in Calais have led to tensions between Britain and France. As previous reported on Breitbart London Mignonet himself once suggested all the immigrants should be put on a ferry to Britain.

He also said he would like the border be located in Dover for one month so the British understood how the problem of illegal immigration was ruining his town. Neither comments are thought to have been entirely serious but they do demonstrate the frustration on the French side.

The problem for both the British and French is that EU rules allow border free movement across most of Europe. However, the UK does not sign up to this rule, meaning that illegal immigrants find it easy to make it to Calais but are halted there, at least for a time.

There are now nearly 20,000 incidents a year of people being caught attempting to smuggle themselves over the boarder.

UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe said: “The dismantling of the Calais camp is to be welcomed, but this has been done before and in the end camps ­reopened, as they surely will again.

“The people being thrown out of the camps are not going to give up, they have traveled many thousands of miles or been forced to pay people traffickers whom they owe money so giving up at the final hurdle isn’t an option for them.

“It is essential the UK Government makes it absolutely clear we will return illegal migrants to their ­countries of origin.”

After years of wrangling the French government agreed to close the controversial Sangatte refugee camp near Calais. Since then two immigrant camps have sprung up, Jungle and Jungle 2. The police have already demolished Jungle due to the poor hygiene standards there.

They had wanted to demolish Jungle 2 earlier this month but feared there might be a riot due to racial tensions amongst Africans in the camp. French officials fear that the camp may become a source of Ebola, as immigrants attempt to escape the outbreak in West Africa.


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