BoJo Spells the End of Conservatism, Would Herald a New Libertarian Party

BoJo Spells the End of Conservatism, Would Herald a New Libertarian Party

Westminster blog The Conservative Woman has run a scathing op-ed on Tory leadership hopeful and Mayor of London Boris Johnson, claiming that he would spell the end of the Conservative Party as we know it.

Addressing the apparent pact of silence over Johnson’s multiple affairs, Laura Perrins asserts that a man who can’t honour his marriage vows would fail to pass the ‘social conservative’ test.

“This is a man who has conducted no less than three adulterous affairs,” Perrins claims. 

“One produced a child – a fact something that he attempted to keep out of the public domain – and another resulted in an abortion, reportedly paid for by Boris Johnson at the private Portland Hospital in London”

“Liberal metropolitan elite” aside, Perrins claims ordinary Conservative voters would not stand for Johnson’s bastard and aborted children if he became leader this would strip out the last vestiges of conservatism from the party, leaving the UK with a libertarian party instead.

Perrins claims “any socially conservative voter is entitled to reject him on this ground alone”. This effect is already becoming pronounced in opinion polling; Conservative members, presumably already tired of rudderless David Cameron are showing a preference for slightly more right-wing home secretary Theresa May.

At least two events in the near future could precipitate a change of Tory leadership; failure at the coming general election aside, it is possible the weight of shame should the government lose the Scottish independence referendum could also trigger a change at the top.


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