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Parliament Recall To Coincide With #UKIP Conference

Parliament Recall To Coincide With #UKIP Conference

Rumours are now rife in Westminster that Parliament will be recalled on Friday to debate the government’s response to the latest U.S.-led attacks on ISIS. 

The recall is said to be timed to avoid both Labour and Conservative Party Conferences, but instead will be right in the middle of UKIP’s.

Whilst no one disputes the importance of the debate, Nigel Farage’s party are worried that they are not being treated fairly. Labour Party conference began on Sunday and ends tomorrow, whilst the Conservatives are meeting from this Sunday to Wednesday. Leaving a gap in the middle during which Parliament could be recalled without overshadowing either of the big two parties.

Meeting on Friday would however ensure that UKIP conference would get far less coverage than the party might otherwise have expected. It could also mean the keynote speech by Nigel Farage might have to be cancelled as political journalists and TV crews are likely to be despatched back to London.

Concerns UKIP conference might be overshadowed by a recall of Parliament were first reported on Breitbart London last week. 

At the time UKIP supporters expressed their anger in the comment section. One of them, Steve Lloyd, said: “People are well used to LibLabCon dirty tricks by now. And this would probably hurt them more than UKIP. Besides who listens to parliamentry war rhetoric anyway.”

To trigger a recall the Prime Minister is required to write to the Speaker of the House of Commons. In theory the Speaker can refuse, but in practise he always agrees to these requests.


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