Former MEP Godfrey Bloom Set to Resign from UKIP After Speaking Ban

Former MEP Godfrey Bloom Set to Resign from UKIP After Speaking Ban

Former Member of the European Parliament Godfrey Bloom is set to resign from the UK Independence Party following what Breitbart London understands has been a long-term decline in the working relationship between him and the party since his resignation from the European Parliament last year.

Bloom, 64, resigned after making crude comments about female party activists not cleaning behind their fridges being “sluts” during UKIP’s conference last year. It was understood at the time that he was using the word in an old-fashioned sense, meaning “a dirty, slovenly, or untidy woman”. 

Nevertheless, Bloom was forced to stand down from his position, and has since enjoyed a period in the UKIP wilderness. Now, it seems, he has threatened to resign after claiming to have been banned from an even by party chairman Steve Crowther.

Bloom said today: “I have been banned again from speaking at a UKIP event this time along standing engagement with many old friends, ironically the speech was on libertarianism, it came direct from the appalling [Steve] Crowther. 

He said, in a message to members: “This is the last straw I am composing an open letter of resignation. They have won, see my web to find how the rot set in. I have always advocated UKIP in spite of all that has gone before. So. CROWTHER wins. Did you vote for him? Do you even know where he comes from? Don’t contact me, go to the sauce of this Rasputin figure.”

Speaking to Breitbart London, Mr Bloom said that he was still finalising his decision after representations had been made to him by a number of UKIP members this morning urging him to stay. 

There is no love lost between Crowther and Bloom, the former who is understood to have forced the MEP out. Bloom was a founding member of UKIP, and once shared a flat with the current party leader Nigel Farage. The two are said to no longer be on speaking terms. 

Bloom has been banned by Crowther from making public appearances, the latest of which was a talk on libertarianism at the UKIP Wearside branch. 


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