How Nigel Farage Just Owned Frankie Boyle on Twitter

How Nigel Farage Just Owned Frankie Boyle on Twitter

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is known for his sense of humour, yet rarely takes on stand-up comedians at their own game.

So when left-wing comedian Frankie Boyle decided to send a foul-mouthed tweet to the UKIP leader earlier today, he probably didn’t expect Farage to respond.

When the UKIP leader tweeted a link to comments by Andrew Lawrence (as reported by Breitbart London yesterday), adding: “It’s rare to find someone so honest in the media, particularly in comedy,” Frankie Boyle decided to reply in is usual style, saying: “There are a lot of honest people in comedy, which is why they keep calling you a ****.”

Probably unlike any other political leader in the UK, Farage decided he’d actually respond to Boyle by tweeting back: “Probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard you say!”


Andrew Lawrence, who is himself a stand-up, hit out at his fellow comedians who “crack cheap and easy gags” against UKIP, saying that “aging, balding fat men” were guilty of “liberal back-slapping”.

Click here to see the full uncensored exchange.


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