'Swamped' Comments Exposes Labour Hypocrisy on Immigration

'Swamped' Comments Exposes Labour Hypocrisy on Immigration

Once again today we see more hypocrisy from The Labour Party. Simon Danczuk has said that we are ‘swamped’ with immigrants. We must remember that it was the Labour Party that opened our borders unconditionally to mass uncontrolled immigration to nearly half a billion people. They failed us.

Simon Danczuk is a member of a party that still fully believes in our membership of the European Union, which also includes the free movement of people. We see The Labour Party back tracking on their previous policy from 1997-2010. We have seen former Ministers saying that their policy was a flawed one. Which it was. Danczuk now talks about the metropolitan elite, when he as a Labour MP is part of that elite. What we are seeing is irony at its finest, he cannot preach to the electorate about migration while still representing the Labour party. A party of open borders and elitist MPs.

The working class have been let down by Labour and the Conservatives. Only UKIP have listened to them and have led the way in discussing migration. We are not only discussing it though, we are also giving viable solutions to the issue. something that the other parties cannot do while still supporting the European Union. David Cameron has given the electorate false hope and false promises. Even now we’re starting to see his own MPs, like Nick Boles, admit we cannot control migration while being in the EU. It is a fundamental principle of the the EU, and change requires the agreement of all the other EU countries.

The metropolitan elite have been prospering from cheap labour from migrants from the EU. However they do not have to witness the impacts in a social context as they live in areas where there are no or little immigrant communities, places where the every day man or woman could only dream of living. The working class have endured wage compression, cause by uncontrolled migration. We now see Labour offering a ‘living wage’ but if we had controlled immigration, wages would have risen in line with inflation and people would already have a real living wage. Labour are failing to cover the the mess they engineered.

We currently have over 79,000 missing asylum seekers. This is unacceptable and cannot continue. We saw under the last Labour government that we had over 100,000 for a 3 year period. Both the Conservatives and Labour have failed our country with asylum. We have a great history of accepting genuine asylum seekers but at historic levels of around 8,000 a year. Not 100,000. Free movement without papers or an ID card is proving a very strong attraction making detection of asylum seekers who have gone missing more difficult. This cannot continue.

We can all see that uncontrolled migration has caused massive issues in education. Roma communities have never had the chance to engage in education due to social exclusion in their own nations simply because of their ethnicity. Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic have a terrible track record of segregating Roma communities, making it harder when they try to enter the British schooling system. Now new cultural practices that are brought into the classroom are not always orientated towards the educational ethos, this can cause a clash with parents, teachers and the wider society. We have seen this with the Trojan Horse schools in Birmingham.

The strain is becoming immense on local authorities and social housing resulting in more house building and the invasion of our green belt. For British communities house prices and rental payments have become exceptionally high thus proving that immigration is causing a housing crisis amongst our young people who wish to embark on the property ladder. House prices have a major effect on family life simply due to the fact that parents are having to keep their children at home for longer and in many cases they are having to remortgage their properties to help their children get onto the property ladder thus creating a further culture of debt. Mr Danczuk, Labour have created these issues and do not have the policies to combat them. If you really want to control migration, join UKIP.


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