Bristol School Apologises For Comparing ‘Racist Group’ UKIP To Hitler

Racist Groups

A Bristol School has been forced to issue an apology after it branded UKIP a “racist group” along with ‘Neo-Nazis’ and The National Front. Bridge Street Learning Centre’s Chief Executive Mark Davis issued the statement after a picture the slide attacking UKIP was circulated on social media.

Mr Davis said: “The slide was used in a class discussion about community relationship and tolerance and was designed to stimulate debate among our pupils. It was a mistake for UKIP to have been listed along the other groups, and I have apologised to the party for inclusion.

“The reference has been removed from the slide and the teacher concerned has apologised and we have taken steps to ensure it will not reappear in the future.”

The slide says: “they want to sound reasonable and hide their racism by trying to give reasons for their anger, hate and violence – but listen carefully and you will find they are not so different to Hitler – and that is what is scary!!”

It also offers the advice to pupils that they “have the right to believe what they want”. The Tweet that led the school to act was originally from the user Wormy293:

The school was part of Labour’s flagship Building School’s For The Future programme that poured billions into building bespoke schools. Bridge Street teaches children aged 4 to 16.