Boy Who Escaped NHS Hospital Is Now Cancer Free

Ashya King

Ashya King, the boy whose parents took him out of an NHS hospital after doctors did not want him to seek private treatment is now cancer free. Brett and Naghmeh King were chased across Europe by the police and put in prison because they defied NHS bosses and sought the private treatment needed to save their child.

As Breitbart London reported in September, the King family had major disagreements with staff at Southampton General Hospital last August. The family had discovered a lifesaving photon beam treatment, but the NHS did not want Ashya to be treated as it was a private treatment.

In the end they exercised what they thought was their right to move their child for treatment elsewhere. But staff at the hospital and Hampshire Police had different ideas, and launched an international manhunt for Ashya’s “kidnappers”. They were eventually caught in Spain, desperately trying to get to the Czech Republic for the treatment.

For 24 hours the British authorities attempted to extradite the couple, during this period they broke up the family. Ashya’s brother branded this act “child abuse”. After an outcry from the public Mr and Mrs King were released without charge, and were able to access the treatment. They now believe their actions saved Ashya’s life.

Mr King, 51, told The Sun: ‘We are absolutely delighted. It has justified everything we have gone through, because things are working out for Aysha. If we had left him with the NHS we don’t think he would have survived. We have saved his life.

His wife, 46, added: “We could not sleep before we got this news — now we are so full of hope for the future. We are jumping up and down with joy. It is a miracle we thought we would never see.”


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