Noel Fielding Faces Police Investigation Over Farage Stabbing Joke

Noel Fielding

Comedian Noel Fielding is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police after he was heard telling guests at the Royal Albert Hall to “stab” Nigel Farage. Fielding made the comment as part of a “bizarre rambling joke” about racist teabags at an event for the Teenage Cancer Trust, as first reported by Breitbart London.

During Fielding’s routine he referred to “Fennel Farage”, at which point many in the audience clapped. The comedian then allegedly said, “don’t applaud Farage, stab him”.

The Serious Crime Unit of the Metropolitan Police has contacted witnesses and asked at least one if he would be willing to make a statement. Fielding is not believed to have made the comment in order to incite violence but the investigation shows how seriously the police are now taking threats to Farage.

It is not known who contacted the police, but to press charges they would need Farage himself to make a complaint. In the meantime the police would be able to gather evidence without his involvement.

At the time one witness said: “He [Fielding] just droned on for ages about racism towards teabags, the joke isn’t even worth repeating. But it was definitely off-colour to hear him talking about wanting people to stab Nigel Farage.”

This investigation comes just days after the UKIP leaders family were attacked by a crowd of left-wing activists as they attempted to have a pub lunch. Farage branded the group “scum” after his teenage daughters were left “shaken” when they were forced to flee the Queen’s Head in Downe, Kent.


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