WATCH: George Galloway Boasts He’s ‘The Biggest Enemy of Israel’


George Galloway says Israelis will be “dancing in the streets” if he loses his re-election bid.  Speaking at the launch of the campaign of Halima Afza for Heaton last Monday, the Respect Party MP followed up on Afza’s accusations that the Labour Party is a “Zionist organisation that … starts wars  based on lies” by reminding his supporters what is at stake in the parliamentary race.

Galloway, who supports a pro-Palestinian ‘one state solution’ to the Middle East conflict, said: “If I lose this election on the 7th of May there will be dancing on the streets of Tel Aviv. Every Zionist in the world will be dancing in the streets because the biggest supporter to the Palestinian cause – the biggest enemy of Israel – has been defeated in a parliamentary election in Bradford West.

“Does anybody want Tel Aviv happy about the outcome here? I very much doubt that.” Since the launch of Afza’s candidacy, Labour Party has filed a complaint against Galloway for allegedly breaking election laws by making false statements about the character and conduct of Bradford West candidate Naz Shah.

At a hustings this week, Galloway confronted Shah with a marriage certificate “proof” that Shah was not forced into an arranged marriage in Pakistan at age 15. Galloway said Shah has “only a passing acquaintance with the truth, you claimed and gullible journalists believed you that you were subject to a forced marriage at the age of 15 but you were not 15. You were 16 and a half.”

Shah responded to the accusation by saying she was forced into the marriage at age 15 and that the marriage was re-registered when she was 16 so that her then-husband could apply for a UK visa.


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