Thanet South Labour And Tories Plead ‘Don’t Let UKIP Break Our Great Love’

Will and Craig

The Labour and Conservative candidates in Thanet South have united to demand that UKIP not be allowed to break their “great love”. The two parties wheeled out their candidates, to hold a leaflet smearing UKIP, and to repeat an unsubstantiated claim that Farage supporters had physically attacked them.

On Saturday a group a left-wing union-backed activists from Thanet Stand Up To UKIP (SUTU), claimed they were attacked by the “far right”. Despite there being no witnesses aside from the activists themselves, they claimed to be sure those responsible were from the National Front (NF). The SUTU members also claimed to know the attackers were supporting Nigel Farage in the General Election. Despite NF members being banned from UKIP.

Jumping on the bandwagon later in the day canvassers from the Conservatives and Labour also reported being “targeted” by the same group. The allegations have been impossible to prove as the “victims” were unable to specify what happened.

Despite the weaknesses in the evidence the two major parties were quick to react. Will Scobie and Craig Mackinlay appeared to back claims the National Front group was supportive of UKIP. Their comments were carefully worded to avoid directly accusing UKIP of being involved but they were clear that people should not vote for Nigel Farage as a result of the incidents.

First Scobie Tweeted this:

Then Craig Mackinlay joined in:

But UKIP supporters hit back by creating their own poster:

Mr Scobie said: “I am keen to work with the Tories and other victims to get to the bottom if what happened and make sure those in question are brought to justice.” No arrests have been made, and the Police have so far been unable to identify any suspects.


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