Post-Mortem Begins As Miliband Goes Into Marginal Seat ‘Free Fall’

ed miliband tomb stone

Rossendale, UNITED KINGDOM – The post-mortem on Ed Miliband’s leadership has already started as both the Guardian and Labour Uncut run articles attacking him. The two left-wing news outlets are close to Labour HQ and officially back the party, but this has not stopped them being highly critical of Miliband.

Labour Uncut claimed Ed Miliband asked for Russell Brand’s backing because he knew the party was tanking in marginal seats. The blog claimed the Labour Party was breaking election rules by recording data but in doing so had given its HQ an indication of how the ballot is going

They said the party leadership were in a “panic” over it’s performance in key battle grounds and had been forced to seek out other sources of votes. Miliband decided bringing in Russell Brand was the answer as he is widely seen as the standard bearer for left-wing young people. The comedian did not go as far as backing Miliband but did offer warm words in a video uploaded to YouTube.

Today’s Guardian ran two stories on the front page, the first of which speculated about the outcome of a second general election. The paper expressed concerns that the Tory right would try to unseat Cameron and go to the polls again later this year.

The second story was highly critical of Ed Miliband’s decision to set his policies in stone and offer to plant it in the garden of Downing Street if he wins. Neither would have any relevance if Miliband was on course to win the election on Thursday.

John Crace wrote in the Guardian: “What possessed Miliband to imagine that carving a series of election pledges into an enormous slab of limestone that would be placed in the Downing Street garden were he to become prime minister on 8 May was a good idea?

“There isn’t a single sentient being with connecting synapses anywhere in any planet in any universe who could think that was a good idea.”

UKIP and Conservative campaigners in marginal constituencies have told Breitbart London that Labour is in “free fall” in the 100 seats that with decide the election. The Tories say fear of a Labour SNP coalition is “killing Miliband stone dead” whereas UKIP claim election gaffes like the stone tablet were driving voters in its direction across Northern England.

As a result of the electoral system a few thousand floating voters in critical areas like Rossendale and Darwen will decide how well, or badly, each party does.


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