UKIP Policy Chief Suzanne Evans ‘Cried’ After Backstabbing Farage

Suzanne Evans

UKIP’s Deputy Chairman and head of policy Suzanne Evans is reported to have cried and “begged for a job at Breitbart” after a failed coup against UKIP leader Nigel Farage, according to party sources.

Evans, who was credited with UKIP’s flawless manifesto launch, is said to have “bought into” the Carswell narrative in believing that a leadership coup against Nigel Farage was credible and a “done deal”. After Mr Farage’s advisors got wind of the manipulation, they are said to have confronted the problem, and blocked a “left wing takeover” of the party by Ms Evans and the out of favour Patrick O’Flynn.

Breitbart London has learned that as Suzanne Evans discovered that she was Mr Farage’s favourite to be interim leader of the party, she began plotting to make the left-leaning Patrick O’Flynn the chairman of the party. Mr Farage’s advisors discovered the plot and blocked the group, led by Douglas Carswell MP, by keeping Mr Farage as leader.

Ms. Evans is said to have returned to her office in UKIP’s Brooks Mews HQ, “screaming and crying” over what she perceived was the end of her career.

She was later heard to beg former Farage advisors for “a job with Breitbart London” in an attempt to shore up her own financial situation.

Friends of Mr Farage told Breitbart London: “Carswell, O’Flynn, and Evans had clearly thought that Nigel was going. They thought it was a done deal. They positioned themselves to take over the party and move it more towards the left wing of British politics. They failed and now they’re all desperately trying to suck up to Nigel.”

Breitbart London understands that Douglas Carswell MP has desperately sought to contact Mr Farage over the past 12 hours, only to be met with a stony silence.

Ms Evans attempted to reverse ferret a few days ago, according to party sources, but was hung up on by Mr Farage, who said he didn’t want or need her support to continue as party leader.


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