White People’s History: Slavery, War and Racism Can Be Found In All Cultures And Societies

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At the end of last month the NUS hosted its Black Students’ Conference, which was much ridiculed by the right on Twitter for its hatred of white people that frankly made the dislike of men on show at the NUS Women’s Conference look mild and pedestrian in comparison.

Even left wingers and some other black students were embarrassed, such as Maz Hussien who wrote an article detailing events like being commanded to remember that, “every day you’re at university, remember you’re in a war zone.” Looking at the Tweets from the NUS Black Students’ Conference and other recent events such as Bahar Mustafa, it’s easy to see Britain could have a real problem if demographers are correct in saying white Britons will become a minority in the coming decades.

The NUS Black Students’ Conference had a conference call with the activists in South Africa who were responsible for the removal of the Rhodes statue at Cape Town’s university. This is because one of the conference’s themes was “decolonising the Eurocentric curriculum,” also known as removing white men from the syllabi of university courses. Noorulann Shahid, the Muslim, transgender, bisexual “black” representative on the NUS’ LGBT committee Tweeted, “All of us non-whites in this country are victims of colonialism one way or another. We must decolonise our minds and lands.”

For people who support the “Africa for the Africans” mentality of the South Africans they communicated with, it’s ironic that they think “decolonising education” in Europe involves taking native Europeans off the menu. No word on what “decolonising our lands” means, but given they think they have a right to remove Europeans from the curriculum here I wouldn’t be surprised if shipping us all off to space or to the Arctic was on the agenda too, for these nutters.

Events included a minute’s silence to “remember all those killed by racism.” Given the apparent mindset of the attendees, this could probably be applied to every non-white person who has ever died, as “white supremacy” is airborne, and where there’s an “anti-racism” activist there’s a brain working overtime to make sure no “person of colour” is ever responsible for their own actions.

We’ve ended up with a conference where non-whites have all put aside any differences to agitate and organise against white Britons, and it’s actually no surprise. Every state organism seems to be set up to apologise for events in our past, and none to inform about any dubious deeds of non-Western countries. No wonder they hate us.

The BBC is perhaps one of the main perpetrators of this narrative, along with our school curriculum.

In 2009 Ed West wrote about how the BBC’s Bitesize website, its school exam revision pages for 5-16 year olds, was so bad on the topic of religion “[he] thought it was a spoof.” While claiming that Christianity was responsible for both sexism and apartheid,  apparently the Quran taught that “everyone is equal.” He also wrote about a part that informs children that, “When Europeans were colonising other countries around the world they often killed the native people there and treated them as slaves.”

Schools up and down the country teach of the evils of British involvement in slavery, yet never mention that Muslim participation in slavery had been ongoing for more than 500 years before evil Europeans got their claws into it. There’s also no mention of the fact that when Britain outlawed slavery, African tribal chiefs marched on Parliament protesting and saying we were denying their “culture and economy.” With all the time spent on British involvement in slavery it seems only right to teach about the enslavement of 1.5 million Europeans, including many British and Irish, by Muslims, yet of course it isn’t taught and so most people are completely in the dark about this part of our history while knowing in great detail how “evil” we were.

In a statement in 2001 Osama bin Laden lashed out at the “Crusader” UN and Australia for ensuring the independence of the Catholic East Timorese from Muslim Indonesian occupation, also Barack Obama and numerous other leftist idiots use The Crusades as an example of terrible deeds done in the name of Christianity. The Muslim narrative seems to be that Muslims can occupy, kill and convert the people of any lands they want, and any resistance to this is a “Crusade”, while Western leftists and their establishment, the BBC, have been their best friends in painting the Crusades as some huge depravity.

The BBC’s Bitesize depiction of them is a perfect example of this, the double standards presented in their version of the Crusades almost defying belief as apparently only Muslims have feelings.

It dwells several times on how when Crusaders defeated Muslim armies to take back their lands, these were “invasions of a foreign country”, yet Muslim colonisers of the Baltic states are simply referred to as “nomads” who “settled” after Islamic armies defeated Byzantine ones. When Crusaders were massacred the BBC merely tells us they were “defeated”, yet when the Crusaders defeated Muslims we’re told these were “criminal atrocities” and that “the streets ran with blood.”

One of the reasons why people went to fight in the Crusades, we’re told, is “to steal and kill”. No word on why the opponents chose to enter and take Christian lands. BBC Bitesize says that Muslims were “deeply offended” by Crusaders taking Jerusalem as it’s “the third holy city of Islam.” No word on how Christians regarded Jerusalem or whether Europeans were offended by how the Children’s Crusade resulted in them all being kidnapped and sold into slavery – that’s merely a blip on the Bitesize timeline.

The “conclusions”, the BBC tells us, are that despite the Crusades failing it was win-win for the West as we were a cultural backwater of dunces and taught everything we knew from advanced Muslims, although more and more historians are now queuing up to debunk the “Islamic Golden Age” as a myth.

Since Muslims already teach the Muslim version of history, why do we teach children some revisionist version where Europeans were at fault, further fueling contempt towards us?

Ask any of the students who purport to be so offended at the sight of, and so oppressed by, Europeans why they choose to live in Europe and I imagine the response would be little more than a splutter, or at best a defiant, “because I was born here.” In this context, the sight of students holding refugee signs, Tweets tagged with #RefugeesWelcome, another cause célèbre of the NUS Black Students conference, seems rather odd. Surely these students of colour should be warning the wannabe migrants to turn back and leave for other shores, as they face nothing but oppression and “white supremacy” here.

The overriding culture of this country seems to be driven by academics and institutions like the BBC “virtue signalling,” pushing this narrative of, “oh, aren’t we awful,” and while this gets short term flattery from the likes of the North London liberal set it’s creating a terrible legacy in this country. Without this self-flagellating behaviour it’s unlikely Arab and black students would be standing together and agitating against the allegedly uniquely evil whites, all the while in Saudi Arabia citizens sell castrated slaves, Afro-Saudis are barred from important positions and forbidden from appearing on camera and numerous other racist laws are in place, leading Daniel Greenfield to describe it as the “real apartheid state”.

The things they criticise about white people’s history – slavery, war and racism have been pretty much universally found in all cultures and societies. It’s about time our schools and media start telling the truth.


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