WATCH: Police Officer Removes Military Charity Wristband after Being Harangued by Anjem Choudary

Abu Isa/Youtube

A London police officer appeared to remove his ‘Help for Heroes’ wristband after being criticised by Islamist hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

A video uploaded to Youtube shows Choudary walking up to the officer and asking him whether he is a member of the far-right BNP or EDL for wearing the military charity band.

The video then shows him standing on the same street later on, but without the band.

The Metropolitan Police issued a statement supporting the officer’s right to wear the wristband:

“Our policy gives staff the choice wear pin badges and wristbands – one of those being the Help for Heroes badge or wristband.

“Wearing the wristband is a personal choice of the individual and its their choice when they want to wear or remove it.”


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