Top Climate Scientist Warns: Global Warming is Relevant Even if it Doesn’t Happen

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Monmouthshire MP and climate realist David Davies crashed today’s parliamentary launch of the Committee on Climate Change’s new report and used the opportunity to ask some awkward questions.

Challenging the findings of the bumper three-volume 500-page report, which called for massive new subsidies for ‘green energy’ and low-emission cars, Davies questioned how it could be that short periods of minor global warming could be considered significant, while similar periods of cooling or stagnation could be ignored by the scientific community.

Describing the meeting chaired by green energy tycoon Lord Deben, Davies said:

“…it was a great big love-in, with about 150 Greens. So I got up and asked why it was not one single scientist could explain how much of the small amount of warming that has taken place was natural – especially given now even the MET office even seems to accept there was a little ice age.

“Why is it no one can explain why there was cooling between 1940 and 1970, and why no one can explain the present hiatus in warming. I said this just shows the whole report is a shambles which is going to cost the taxpayer a lot of money”.

IPCC vice-chairman Jim Skea was called upon by the panel chair to address Davies’ questions and made an interesting admission. Unusually, for a climate scientist actually going so far to accept that there is a hiatus in global warming – a fact that many still challenge – but said it was “insignificant”. Davies related his feelings on the selective vision of climate scientists to Breitbart London, remarking:

“Sixteen years of hiatus, he said, was ‘statistically insignificant’, yet this whole fandango is based around just 27 years of slight warming. Why the hell do you think we’ve got to drive a coach and horses through our economy on the back of it?”

Davies warns those who would seek to waste taxpayers money on dodgy climate science, subsidies for inefficient energy generation, and carbon allowances that he hasn’t finished gate-crashing meetings yet – Westminster beware!

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