Hannan: Give UKIP More Members of the House of Lords

Daniel Hannan, Member of the European Pa

Conservative Party MEP Daniel Hannan has demanded that the UK Independence Party (UKIP) be awarded their fair share of Members of the House of Lords, following Prime Minister David Cameron’s refusal to keep his promises on the issue.

Last week it was revealed that despite a pre-election promise to base the number of appointed peers on party vote share, Mr Cameron is now prevaricating. He said: “I have committed previously to keeping the party peers under review and will, of course, give further consideration to the points you raise when we come to consider recommendations over the course of this parliament.”

But the fact is the Liberal Democrats – who got just 2.4 million votes on May 7th, compared to UKIP’s 3.8 million – are expected to be awarded more peers once again, while UKIP and the Green Party get no further representation in Britain’s upper parliamentary chamber.

Mr Hannan, who is known to be overtly hostile to UKIP, despite long-standing rumours of his defection from the Conservative Party, took to Twitter today to blast the Prime Minister:

The news comes as Labour and the Liberal Democrats use their influence in the upper chamber to try and force through lowering the voting age.

Labour and Lib Dem peers teamed up this week to insist, in an obvious first foray into general elections, that young people should be given the vote in local and county elections across Britain.


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