Nice: Green Donations Fund Wildlife Charity’s Plush New Home, Carpark Included


Donors to begging green causes should understand where the money goes. After all, it’s only fair after you’ve pressed a few coins into the thrusting paw of somebody dressed in a polar bear suit that you know the world will be a better place for your charity.

Or Not. Depends if you gave the “chugger” money or just walked on by.

So let’s take a gander at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). For years it worked out of a converted light industrial unit at Woking but in the end decided to build something a little commodious with more hanging space for all those polar bear suits.

The result is a spanking new headquarters in deepest, darkest Surrey that has been shortlisted for the Stirling Prize for architecture. The just completed Woking HQ (interior shot above) came part-funded by a £5 million donation from an anonymous benefactor. The rest of the £13 million price tag was presumably met by donations.

All the detail of the self-described Living Planet Centre can be found at Have a read for yourself and pause to thank Bishop Hill blog for bringing this to public attention.

You see, one thing stands out amongst the commitment to zero carbon emissions, the use of renewable wood features, the natural light and all the other folderol that seems to be so beloved of those in thrall of the green industry, is the site of the new WWF building itself.

Smack bang on top of its own sprawling carpark. That’s ‘eco-leadership’ for you.

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