Anti-Migrant Sentiment is on the Rise Across Europe, and It’s All the EU’s Fault


Remember the European Union? That project that was supposed to make us all love each other, throw open our borders, toss out our currencies, bin our national flags, and basically have a massive, gold-starred orgy on the streets of Brussels Luxembourg Strasbourg?

Yeah I remember it too. And I didn’t like it at the best of times.

Now the European Union is basically a parody of itself, I’m not sure even its ‘founding fathers’ would be particularly proud of what it is achieving.

One of those things is resentment… I mean real, genuine, hatred of migrants. And it’s a crying shame too, because countries like Britain have had historically excellent records of coming to the aid of the world’s suffering people – in manageable numbers.

But the EU has made European nations jump the shark on migration, and there’s no way to convince indigenous populations that a million new people settling every year is going to work fine.

We know it doesn’t. Because we see it, and live it. Cultures clashing, welfare abuse, crime waves, etc etc. And we see the good sides too, don’t get me wrong. But if you’re asking me if I’m willing to trade a couple of quid per productive migrant, contributed towards Britain’s GDP, in exchange for crime gangs, or increased anti-social behaviour, or a decline in school standards… then I’d probably say ‘thanks but no thanks’.

Because despite what the EU and its left-wing cheerleaders think, we’re not all idiots. We’re not all going to shut up because you call us ‘racists’ simply for wanting to control the number of people coming into the country… like most civilised nations have tried for, oh I don’t know… all of human history.

And this resentment that is bubbling up across Europe is manifesting itself in some pretty bad ways. And I mean that I feel sorry for both the migrants having to deal with it, and those who are being driven to such behaviour – because no one wants to live like this, on either side of the equation. But it’s an intrinsic consequence of drastic, violent population and cultural change.

In Norway for example, the traditionally charitable nature of the Scandinavians is being eroded. One report said: “Thousands of tourists from Sweden and Denmark have been invited to donate to migrants arriving on Mediterranean islands by checking in an extra bag of unwanted clothes, but less than 30 are believed to have taken up the offer.”

In Italy, “Chairs and rocks were thrown at policemen as angry residents protested the arrival of 100 refugees in Casale San Nicola, a suburb in the outskirts of northern Rome, on Friday” and “Angry homeowners in Treviso set fire to mattresses and flat-screen TVs from migrants’ homes after more than 100 were moved into their apartment buildings by the local authorities.”

And in Britain, of course, immigration is one of the top political issues now – with our establishment political leaders helpless to address the issue because of our ongoing European Union membership.

So what Europe is achieving is far from the harmonious utopia that the Junckers, the Merkels, the Hollandes, the Tusks, and the long-forgotten Van Rompuy’s would have us believe.

It’s breeding a continent of racial, national and financial tension. In fact, it’s even partly responsible for bringing back land grabs and military conflicts.

Which is why someone like me is so keen that we get the heck out as soon as humanly possible. Because this just can’t go anywhere good. It’s too late to turn it around, and even if it weren’t, the biggest cheerleaders for the project have set themselves on a course they’re not willing to budge from.

So be it. Just don’t drag Britain down with you.


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