‘Super Creepy’ Tory Candidate Is Now Begging Facebook Users to Live With Them

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Ivan Massow may have just become the creepiest candidate in London Mayoral history, which is some achievement given that George Galloway is involved in the upcoming election, and Ken Livingstone stood in the previous four.

But Massow – who launched his campaign with a bizarre video in which he bragged about being a gay, ex-alcoholic, dyslexic man – is now begging to bed down with Londoners for one night, so that he can “learn” about their concerns for the city.

In what is obviously a bastardisation of his first, probably quite expensive but inevitably failed campaign launch video, Massow appears, real head stuck on top of the same cartoon background as last time, declaring:

“I want to find out about your manor (slang for ‘area’)… To do this, I want to live with you. It’ll only be for a night. I want you to show me where you go out, where your kids go to school, where you work, what the transport’s like, and what winds you up… so please, can I come and live with you?”

Massow’s video could only have been worse if he called the whole scheme his “one night stand plan”. Facebook users were less kind in the comments section below the video, with the first and most popular comment reading, “Dreadful”. Another said, “That was a bit creepy haha”, with a third chiming in, “Creepy and terrifying”.

One Tory activist said, “Reminiscent of a student union presidential advert, with an added creepy twist. Whatever its merits content-wise, this could have been executed so much better. Zac [Goldsmith] stays favourite for now.”

He was backed up by another Facebook comment that read, “This is super creepy!”

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