The Sun Tacks Left: Tory Mayor Candidate Shouldn’t Speak to UK’s Oldest Conservative Group

The Sun newspaper, hardly known for its ideological integrity, appears …

The Sun newspaper, hardly known for its ideological integrity, appears to have tacked left today, attacking Conservative Mayoral Candidate Zac Goldsmith for appealing to right wing activists who support the oldest Conservative think tank in Britain.

The Bow Group, which is hosting Goldsmith later this month, is backed by the few remaining conservatives in Britain – and furiously opposed by the liberal, Cameroons of the “modern” Conservative Party.

Breitbart London understands that the Conservative Party itself has used its vast resources to pursue the Bow Group, its spokespeople, and its officers both legally, and through attacks in the media – raising more questions about the party’s commitment to free speech and dissent from within.

Now, the Sun, which almost hysterically backed David Cameron at the May 2015 general election, has weighed into the fight, joining the BBC, the Spectator Magazine, and the Guido Fawkes blog in doing so. There are also commonalities behind the attacks on the Tory right, which sources have confirmed to Breitbart London – including key players in Conservative HQ, and indeed the “centre right” media.

One source told Breitbart London that Conservative Party operatives wanted to do a “drive by shooting” on Bow Group Chairman Benjamin Harris-Quinney. Mr Harris-Quinney has been on the receiving end of a bizarre disciplinary process, prosecuted by Conservative Party HQ, for several months.

The Sun’s questions are somewhat indicative of the wider plot to kill off the Tory Right, which will inevitably push more people into the arms of UKIP. Their website reads, today: “Why is the popular centrist candidate pandering to the right?” The author of the piece is anonymised as ‘SunNation’.

The unnamed author’s claim that Goldsmith is a centrist is also risible. He is described as: “Fiercely independently minded by his own admission” and “one of the most rebellious MPs on the Conservative back benches”.

The Sun adds: “Far be it for SunNation to sound like cheapskates, but £25 for “free” drinks when other more prestigious political summer parties are entirely without cost, means we will be giving Zac and The Bow Group’s little shindig a miss…”

Boasting about how they getting invited to all the best, free, Westminster establishment shindigs is potentially not the best way for the Sun to enamour itself to its working class readership. But perhaps they reveal their true motivations in attacking the Bow Group and Goldsmith in such a manner.

As ‘anti-establishment’ as they are – perhaps they are simply not “prestigious” enough for the Sun, which is obviously the classiest outfit out there.


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