WATCH: Journalist Fired After Kicking Migrants


Hungarian camera woman Petra Laszlo has been fired from her job at television network N1TV for kicking a number of migrants as they stampeded away from police officers.

The video, which surfaced this weekend and resulted in her dismissal, showed the videographer kicking a girl in the thigh, and then later kicking a man carrying a young child in his arms, causing him to tumble over.

A spokesman for the channel said yeterday that the journalist had shown “unacceptable behaviour” and “The camerawoman’s employment has today been terminated with immediate effect, the case is now closed for us”, reports The Guardian.

The migrant stampede occurred after a group of over 1,500 had been held by police at the border on the motorway crossing from Serbia to Hungary. Hundreds of migrants bolted after they tired of being held.

Left-wing parties in Hungary have said they will attempt to press charges against the woman, which could result in up to five years in prison.

The N1TV station, which is run by the Hungarian nationalist Jobbik party itself features some interesting sounding programmes created for their ship. Recent titles include We’ll Show You How to Close the BorderHungary Must Not Become a Muslim Country, and Hungary Must Defend Itself.

Jobbik itself represents a small but growing political force, which is able to exert influence over the policy decisions over Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Presently one of the most hated men in the fashionable bars of Brussels, Orban is Hungary’s moderate in comparison to Jobbik, which has been the focus of a recent European Union report into anti-immigrant sentiment in Hungary and Poland.

Hungary’s border fence, although a popular policy for Orban is believed to have been initiated after pressure from Jobbik, who hold an unbending attitude towards immigration to Hungary.

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