Labour to UKIP Defector: Corbyn Is An Enemy Of Women, Jews, And Free Speech… Abandon Ship!


If I were still a member of the Labour Party, I would’ve voted for Liz Kendall. Actually, scrap that, I would’ve left. If I had not already encountered my last straw, the popularity of Jeremy Corbyn would have pushed me over the edge. Towards the end of my time as a Labour activist, I could see the loopy left taking over the asylum, and I knew it was way past time for my departure. 

The massive migration in to Europe from Islamic societies threatens, I believe, three major matters in our Western democracies; it threatens women, it threatens Jews, and it severely threatens our freedom of speech.

Unsurprisingly, the first thing Corbyn did when elected by a massive landslide, was to prattle on about how we need to bring more “refugees” to Britain. He has thereby given Labour’s go-ahead to import masses of men who threaten Jews, threaten women, and threaten free speech. This is entirely in tune with Labour’s “values”, and it’s about to get a hell of a lot worse. If you need evidence, here it is:


The Labour Party, and the left in general, has a serious problem with women. When I was a Labour member, I had begrudging sympathy with all-women shortlists (and stood in some), but it is only when you give it some thought that you realise the actual problem. Labour has to have all-women shortlists because the bulk of its members don’t vote for women unless they’re forced to.

When I was selected as a Parliamentary candidate for UKIP, I was selected against male opponents. I have also been defeated by male opponents. Conclusion? It’s who the members consider the better person on the night that matters. UKIP doesn’t need all-women shortlists. The powerful women in UKIP, and there are many of them, are where they are because of their talent, not because members were obliged to support them.

Labour members were not however obliged to support either Yvette Cooper or Liz Kendall, and looked what happened; bottom of the heap. And now the new leader appears to think that there are no Labour women worthy of the top jobs in shadow cabinet. Is it any wonder then that so many lefties get on swimmingly with jihadists and Islamists? Misogyny appears to be something they have in common.

Corbyn can be very fairly questioned on his attitude to women, given the company he keeps. He’ll give the usual platitudes about “equality” no doubt, but when is he going to speak out about the treatment of women under sharia law for example? He won’t, he’ll speak out for Hamas instead – a brutal jihadist group under whose rule women are subject to unpunished domestic violence, and jailed for being victims of rape.

He’ll insist that Europe’s borders be opened to men from societies where it is the norm for women to be treated as property, where women have no divorce or child custody rights, and where if she’s not covered from head to toe, she has only herself to blame if she is raped. Corbyn, like the rest of the hard-left, seems to think that when men from such societies arrive in Europe, they leave those attitudes to women behind. They don’t – as many Swedes can attest to.

Sweden, over only a few decades, has transformed from one of the most civilised and gender-equal countries on the planet, to the rape capital of the Western world. I know from experience that the Swedish government, while it acknowledges that most crimes in Sweden are committed by immigrants, won’t say who is committing this vast number of rapes. Why not?

If it isn’t “immigrants”, then why not reveal the figures? It doesn’t matter in any case, because we already know. Denmark and Norway, Sweden’s fellow Scandinavians, are rather most honest and we know that the massive rape figures in those two countries are attributable to immigration from the Middle East and Africa, so much as the Swedish state may try to, there’s no concealing the truth.

And now we have Germany – the European powerhouse that has opened its borders to potentially millions of immigrants from Islam-dominated countries. It didn’t take long for the misogyny to reveal itself, and Germany happily accepted it. A Bavarian school for example wrote to parents warning them to prevent their daughters dressing “immodestly”, lest their dress create “misunderstandings” with nearby “asylum seekers”.

Gym classes were relocated so the girls would not be seen by the “asylum seekers”. What an extraordinary example of moral bankruptcy. The German authorities are admitting that these men present a risk to German girls, but decide to let them in, in massive numbers, regardless. If rape occurs, which it inevitably will, it will be ignored, and the girls/women will receive no justice because justice is politically inconvenient – much like here in the UK.

How many times must we be confronted with the horrors that English girls suffer at the hands of Muslim men? Rotherham, Rochdale, Birmingham, Telford, Manchester – the list goes on and on; brutal rapes committed by Muslims and ignored by authorities. Labour is the vilest culprit.

In short, women mean nothing to your average lefty – they’ll happily let us be raped and brutalised if it means bringing about the end of Western democracy, which is their primary aim.


Oh the irony. In Germany’s desperate attempts to atone for the Holocaust, it has decided to import violent anti-Semitism.

In the last couple of years, we’ve had Molotov cocktails thrown at synagogues in Germany, while a Berlin imam called for Allah to “destroy the Zionist Jews … Count them and kill them, to the very last one.”

Even the Guardian reported that “bottles were thrown through the window of an antisemitism campaigner in Frankfurt; an elderly Jewish man was beaten up at a pro-Israel rally in Hamburg; an Orthodox Jewish teenager punched in the face in Berlin. In several cities, chants at pro-Palestinian protests compared Israel’s actions to the Holocaust; other notable slogans included: “Jew, coward pig, come out and fight alone,” and “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.””  Yes, Germany is doing a great job at apologising to Jews.

Here in Britain it’s no better. Attacks on Jews in our country are at unprecedented levels. It’s a similar story in France. Following the murder of cartoonists in the French capital, the city’s Jews were the next inevitable target. A Jewish supermarket was attacked, just because it was Jewish. According to one report, anti-Semitic attacks rose 84 per cent since that supermarket murder spree. What can be the reason?

Corbyn’s alliance with Islamists tells me that I might need to worry about Jews in Corbyn’s Britain. I’ve already mentioned his “friendship” with Hamas, and this is very serious. Hamas has declared, in its founding charter, that Jews are its enemy. What the hell kind of politician (or human being for that matter) can support a group with a stated intention to wipe out Jewish people?


Well, as someone who made an unsuccessful attempt to show some cartoons, in defence of free speech in the UK, I am more than aware of how bloody dangerous the new Labour leader really is to those of us who support this cause. A friend of mine told me yesterday that I was perhaps being too hard on Jeremy Corbyn. I then told her that he had supported the “Muslim community” in opposition to the right of Danes to display whatever cartoons they like, and she immediately conceded defeat. That was enough for her, and it’s enough for me. Corbyn has stood among jihadists and Islamists and sought to deny the British people our right to speak out. He is an enemy of free speech, this must by now be obvious.

As an ex-Labour activist, I feel an inner duty to atone for this. The only way I can is to be truthful about the nature of Labour and extreme-Left, about its sympathy with anti-Semitic jihadism, and its propensity to disguise otherwise naked misogyny.

I openly hope that my efforts are not too little, too late.


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