Alleged ‘Village Flasher’ Says His Penis Is Too Small To Expose In Public

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Plymouth Herald

A successful author – previously a university lecturer – has denied being know as “the flasher” in his local village, claiming his penis is too small, such that he’s too embarrassed to show it.

Hinton Sheryn, 68, of Plymouth, Devon, stands accused of nine counts of indecent assault against children and eight of acts of indecency against children between 1973 and 1986.

He denies all the charges brought against him.

A court heard how he told police that he would be too embarrassed to reveal his manhood public, however, due to having an “unusually small penis,” The Plymouth Herald reports.

Sheryn’s publications include “An Illustrated History of Dustcarts,” “An Illustrated History of Road Tankers” and “An Illustrated History of Cranes.” He also lectured at a university on the topic of heavy machinery.

Plymouth Crown Court heard how Sheryn has long been allegedly known as “the flasher” in his local village after exposing himself in years “as far apart” as 1981 and 2014.

Prosecutor Sean Brunton said: “The prosecution say this defendant is an entrenched paedophile. It would appear that he cannot help exposing himself to young people or getting himself into situations where he can sexually touch or assault them.”

Adding: “He told police he would not have exposed himself because he has an unusually small penis and he would not want anyone to see it.”

The defendant has gone on trial to answer 18 allegations involving four girls and one boy, with one accuser stating: “I do not remember the lead-up to it, but I know it happened on several occasions”, speaking specifically about an incident in which she says Sheryn made her watch while he touched another girl.

She said: “I would have loved to have gone to the police but I thought I was on my own. Nobody acknowledged that he had done it before. Only when he was in the paper, did someone do that.”

Sheryn told police the first complainant had made up her allegations against him, and persuaded others accusers to lie. He denies ever flashing to children.

The trial continues.